Food Intake Day One

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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1. Define Mineral: Any naturally occurring inorganic solid that possesses an orderly crystalline structure and can be represented by a chemical formula. 2. Use the geologic definition of a mineral to determine which of the items listed in Figure 1.1 (p.3 lab book) are minerals and which are not minerals. Put an “X” in the appropriate box. Yes| No| Mineral| Yes| No| Mineral|

 | X| Rock Candy|  | X | Obsidian|
 X|  | Quartz|  | X | Cubic zirconia|
 |  X| Motor oil|  | X | Hydrogen|
 X|  | Emerald|  |  X| Rain water|
 | X | Vitamin D|  X|  | Halite|
 Figure 1.1 (p. 3 lab book)
3. Examine the luster of the minerals in Figure 1.2 (p. 4 lab book). Place the letter A, B, C, D, or E in the space provided that corresponds to the luster exhibited. Letters may be used more than once. A. Metallic luster, B. Nonmetallic luster – glassy, C. Nonmetallic luster – dull, D. Nonmetallic luster – silky, E. Nonmetallic luster – greasy.  B| Quartz|  D| Galena|

 A| Limonite|  C| Gypsum|
C| Talc|  E| Native copper|
4. Determine whether the luster of each of the following samples in your kit is metallic or nonmetallic. If nonmetallic, indicate whether it is vitreous, pearly, greasy, waxy, resinous, or dull. a. Garnet metallic, pearly

b. Graphite nonmetallic, vitreous
c. Feldspar nonmetallic, resinous
d. Calcite metallic, waxy
e. Mica  nonmetallic, dull
5. Based on the samples of fluorite and quartz in Figure 1.3 (p. 4 lab book), why isn’t color a diagnostic property of these two minerals?  These two minerals are both natural resources and has no definite color.

6. Figure 1.5 (p. 5 lab book) shows two specimens of the mineral hematite and their corresponding streaks. For both samples, describe the color of the specimen and the streak. COLOR OF SPECIMEN STREAK

Specimen A:  Brown                                                 Brown  Specimen B:    Dark Grey...
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