Language of the Internet

Topics: Instant messaging, Communication, Internet Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Group Presentation Outline
Group Topic: Teen Language
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the culture of teen language, the influence of technology as a medium. Introduction
Language is a fluid, subjective, dynamic creature and the never ending evolution of our ability to communicate in unique ways is a privilege of being part of the human race. Options for communication and expanding language, particularly for teens have more than doubled in the last 20 years (Gross 75). Instead of teens spending extended periods of time talking on the phone, they have shifted to spending hours online in chat rooms or texting their friends via mobile phones. Not only has IM and text become the fastest growing communications medium in history, it has changed the very nature of communication and language (Gross 75). With all languages, evolution and change are inevitable. Understanding urban teen vernacular is a constant effort if we are to decipher the magical code of 'Teen Speak'. Body

Teens have taken and replaced what is primarily oral communication and are transforming it into a new text-based language. Acronyms, abbreviations and combination of the two to create a new word have become part of a new language of the internet and routine among teens. Acronyms are being used as words in place of actually speaking the correct words in a conversation. “BTW, do you have the notes from Ms. Brown's class?” This would be pronounced as “Be. Tea. Double U”. - by the way, do you have the notes... “OMG! Did you see that?” This would sound out as “Oh Emm Gee...” “She's dropped some serious Lb's!” In this scenario “Ellbs” for the reference to weight. Combination of misspelled words and even a of word/acronyms are used in place of actual words creating a unique language commonly understood among age groups 14-17(Barron 48). “I'll berb after I clean my room” This is an example of using BRB - be right...
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