Language Barriers

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  • Published : April 11, 2011
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Language Barriers

Linda Williams

COM 200

Ticey Hosley

April 4, 2011

Body Language

Body language is communicating by means of facial expressions, gestures, posture and other wordless signals. Communication is the sharing of information. Individuals communicate using many different modes. For example, they may communicate through gestures, and facial expressions, as well as by speaking and writing. Communication using language requires both a physical component- the central nervous system and muscle coordination- and cultural learning. Body language communicates unspoken information such as, people’s identity, relationships, and thoughts, as well as motivation and attitudes. Body language signals can be inborn; learned, or a mixture of the two. Blinking of the eyes, Clearing the throat, and facial blushing are innate(inborn) signals. Facial expressions are understood by people in all cultures. Gestures, such as a wink of the, or the thumbs up, or a military salute are learned signals.

Gestures are a part of language- body language that is. Gestures, language, and thought are seen as different sides of a single mental/ brain/action progress. Gestures occur in conversations everyday… the spontaneous, unwitting, and regular accompaniments of speech that we see in our moving fingers, hands, and arms. They are so much a part of speaking that one is often unaware of them, but if you look around and watch someone talking in informal terms you are likely to see the hands and arms in motion.

When it comes to gender communication the male tends to keep his feelings bottled up, where as, the female is one that speaks boldly and openly about her feelings. Men tend to only talk to other men about certain situations. I have been in the company of men when they only would talk about certain things, such as, sports in the company of women or maybe sex. But it is far from relationships debates that you can have a descent conversation...
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