Communication Differences: Male vs. Female

Topics: Gender, Female, Woman Pages: 3 (621 words) Published: November 29, 2012
If you are a woman have you ever wondered why a man did not understand the way you worded something or communicated something to him. Or if you are a man, did you ever wonder why a woman said what she did or did not understand why she didn’t “get” what you were saying or why she reacted a certain way to your words? The way men and women communicate with each other different because of many reasons. In this presentation, I will try my hardest to communicate to you, both men and women, what these differences are and hopefully fulfill you with a better understanding of why we communicate differently and how to break those barriers for your professional and personal lives. 1. The typical stereotypes. Explain that no way is better, just different. Social Conditioning. (Use personal examples) a. Men are more direct.

i. Men tend to be more direct in communicating and look for a solution as quickly as possible b. Women are more emotional and tend to speak in dialogue. ii. Women tend to be more emotionally involved with communicating and feel that the whole picture and different solutions are important. 2. The differences in male and female communication in social settings c. How women build and maintain relationships

iii. Women tend to focus on making connections
1. Secrets
2. Relating experiences
3. Discussing options
4. Find commonalities
d. How men build and maintain relationships
iv. Groups of friends tend to be larger
v. Do activities rather than conversing
vi. More competitive
3. The differences of men and women communicating in a business setting/work environment e. How men communicate in business environment
vii. Men want facts
5. Men usually ask fewer questions to stimulate conversation in their work relationships and often end conversations more abruptly than women. viii. Men...
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