Topics: Language acquisition, Second language acquisition, Language education Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Such statements are commonly uttered by foreign language learners and are too familiar to the foreign language learners this stamen indicate an important problem that the majority of students face in learning and particularly speaking a second or foreigner language. Many learners express their inability and sometimes even acknowledge their failure in learning to speak a second foreign language. These learners may be good at learning other skills but, when it comes to learning to speak another language, they claim to have a ‘mental block’ against it (Horwitz et al., 1986: 125). What then hinders or stop them to succeed in learning FL? In many cases, students’ feeling of stress, anxiety or nervousness may impede their language learning and performance abilities. Theorists and second language acquisition researchers have frequently demonstrated that these feelings of anxiety are specially associated with learning and speaking a foreign language both teachers and students are aware and generally feel strongly that anxiety is a major hurdle to be overcome when learning to speak another language. Learning a language itself is “a profoundly unsettling psychological proposition” because it directly threatens an individual’s ‘self concept’ and world view (Guiora, 1983 cited in Horwitz et al., 1986:28). Tow basic questions regarding language anxiety need to be addressed in the introduction, which may otherwise cause some confusion in the minds of m a variety of perspectives or approaches (Young, 1992). For this reason, some research in this rs, this study is a further step to investigate the factors that cause language anxiety for EFL learners from three different perspectives of EFL learners, EFL, practitioners, and EFL teachers. Thus, this study intends to be more comprehensive in nature as it looks at the issue from this variety of perspectives in an attempt to identify the sources of language anxiety; focusing on the actual sources of...
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