Land Requisition by Government

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Land Requisition by Government
The government levies land from farmers for the public benefit;therefore, they by some way to reach a goal. The Legislative Yuan passed an imposed agricultural land bill. Thousands of farmers and other protesters came to Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office to stay overnight. The next day, they grew rice on Ketagalan Boulevard. Farmers who were from different areas used these measures to express their anger and wanted the government to revise the law. However, Taiwan's government has allowed consortiums to the name of national development, development of industrial zones to conduct land acquisition. Besides, after the law passed, the local government also had a power to ask farmers to give their land to them if it is necessary. In fact, there were still many industrial places not to use. Why does the government need to conduct the law? Firstly, the Legislative Yuan passed an imposed agricultural land bill, which is an irresponsible and unfair behavior. This behavior was like a pirate robbing people their own property. In this event, farmers did not have right to express their opinion, and they just accepted the decision the government made. They faced to lose their job and homeland. It might start a panic because we do not know who will be the next victim. Citizens may think this event had nothing to do with them because you are not a farmer. Likewise, this time was land requisition, and next time may be requisition house for other reason. Once the law passes, citizens do not have right to say no. Secondly, the government said it is for public utilities, and they were just conducting land acquisition. They will pay compensation to farmers. It was not only involved in the tax burden on people, it is also about land appreciation tax, because land appreciation tax has a close relationship with the level of the land acquisition compensation premium. If published...
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