Lack of Diversity

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, Miscegenation Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Joshua Ebrahimi
Professor Arnold
English 110

Lack of Diversity

Most people would agree that diversity is growing rapidly here in America, the truth of the matter it's not, in fact it is slowly progressing. In David Brook's essay "People Like Us", he discusses how there is very little diversity within our diverse culture. In his essay he proclaims that people of the same race will flock together and live in the same community. Another cause for this slow progression of diversity in America is by the media and our inequality. The media has disregarded many people of different races to be shown on television, and our growth in inequality has hindered minorities hopes to attain the "American Dream".

"Once they find a town in which people share their values, they flock there, and reinforce whatever was distinctive about the town in the first place". (Brooks:1). This notion that people move to a town with similar codes of behavior, is comparable to where I live, which is Great Neck. Thirty years ago, Great Neck's demography were mainly Ashkenazi Jews. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Persians Jews slowly gathered in the town of Great Neck. Communities were established by these people and certain values were introduced. Within these communities, they have resisted the American liberal ideals, and carry a more conservative view, causing there to be an insular environment. (Rubin: 8-10). In my persian community, which is called the "Mashadi Community", we go to school and work where there's some mixture of cultures. At the end of the day the people they would like to be around, are the ones from their community.

"…What I have seen all around the country is people making strenuous efforts to group themselves with people who are basically like themselves". (Brooks: 1). Many US laws have been created to end discrimination in the workplace. Though people of different genders and races are being hired, there is less bonding. The workplace is diverse...
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