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Topics: Record label, Music industry, EMI Pages: 7 (2102 words) Published: April 7, 2013

NAME: John Woods.
COURSE TITLE: The Music Business.
TUTOR: Peter Self.
SUBMISSION DATE: 10/06/2011.

The objective of this project is to discuss the legislation involved with running a record label and recording studio. I have created a brochure, which could be given to people who are considering this as an employment option. The brochure very briefly outlines, some of the things that I consider to be paramount. I would have liked to have gone into more detail but the specified word count made it difficult to do so. However each section of the brochure does direct the reader to a website where more information on each of the subject matters can be obtained.

For this part of the assignment I aim to write an evaluative reflection of the points raised in the brochure and discuss the necessity, usefulness and practicality of them. Some of the points, for example the business structure and employment law sections of the brochure have been intentionally left out as they are more general points as opposed to being specific to the music industry and I also felt that there was not a lot to be discussed in these areas in regard to their necessity, usefulness and practicality. I have also left out Intellectual Property, as it is such a difficult thing to keep on top of, although I will say that the practicality of enforcing it is very low.

For each section below I have started with a table that shows the necessity, usefulness and practicality for each of the points I will discuss.

* Necessity: Is this really necessary?
* Usefulness: How useful is this to you as a record label? * Practicality: How practical is this to implement?

Scores range from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest. For example: not necessary at all, not useful at all or very difficult to implement. 5 being the highest, for example: extremely necessary, extremely useful or extremely easy to implement.


| Necessity| Usefulness| Practicality|
Qualified First Aider| 5| 5| 3|
PAT Testing| 5| 3| 5|
Fire Exit Signs| 5| 5| 5|
Fire Alarm Checked Regularly| 5| 5| 5|

The law states that if you run a small, low risk business with less than 50 employees then you must have at least one HSE qualified first aider on site at all times. This is obviously a necessity as well as being very useful in a recording studio because of the high volume of electrical equipment that is used. The practicality of this did not score a 5 in the table because of the fact that recording studios are often in use 24 hours a day which means that you need to have at least 3 qualified first aiders and one must be there at all times.

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is a legal requirement for any company that has any type of electrical equipment in the workplace (even a kettle). Appliances should be tested by a person who is qualified to do so, no less than once a year. This is not particularly useful to a company unless somebody was to electrocute him or herself, but it is a necessity as well as being easily implemented.

In the brochure I also mentioned risk assessments. These were only brief and only aimed at carrying out a risk assessment in the office studio. If this were applied to a live concert situation then there would be a lot more to consider (Information obtained from “Example risk assessment for a nightclub.” (Appendix 1).

* Fire
* Falls from height
* Slips, trips and falls
* Electricity
* Noise
* Violence
* Glazing and mirrors
* Gas
* Hypodermic needles
* Manual handling
* Transport
* C02 Leakage
* Pyrotechnics
* Lasers
* Smoke and fog
* Hanging drapes & inflatables


| Necessity| Usefulness| Practicality|
Safe Noise Levels In A Studio| 5| 3|...
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