Lab Report on Enzyme Reactions

Topics: Test tube, Enzyme, Laboratory glassware Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Lab report April 14, 2013
In this article, we will experiment on the significant in strength of the enzyme by using three different test tubes and measuring the amount of product they give off. To determine this we are going to test the amount of color absorbance by using a special tool to help us understand our results. We will see how our end results show the effect of the amount of concentration we apply to each test tube. The results would be shown by the support of two graphs. Introduction:

Enzymes are highly important because of the significant role they play in living things and animals. They are a factor which allows whether or not a reaction occurs. To find out the amount of strength an enzyme has, we need to first understand our outcome. In this experiment, our products will determine the strength of our enzymes by measuring the amount of color change. We must understand the measurement of the appearing product means in the experiment. We will determine this by using a special equipment to help us understand our result better. In this study we will see how a specific enzyme could vary based on the different types of factors that affect it. The question we are going to be addressing in this study is, will the amount of enzyme concentration affect a reaction? Materials and Methods:

The materials used in the making of this experiment are as stated: Three test tubes, 10.5mL of distilled water, 6mL of Catechol, 1.5mL of Extract(potato), a Spectronic 20 (spectrophotometer), Wax pencil, a Test tube rack, three Parafilm, tissues to clean the Spectronic 20 and the test tubes, 3 pipets and a timer. So we won’t confuse ourselves, we used the wax pencil to label each test tube as we placed the required amount of substance in each of them. To avoid any slight errors, we also used three different pipets for the three required materials, which are the distilled water, catechol and the extract, respectively. It’s important to take the precise...
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