La Misma Luna Review

Topics: La Misma Luna, The Police, Debut albums Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 21, 2013
La Misma Luna review
The first theme I think of when it comes to the movie La Misma Luna is big things come in small packages. Carlos is nine years old, yet he is determined to cross the Mexico border to find his mother. Most nine year olds are focusing on what picture they want to color next, not Carlos. I felt really touched by what Carlos is trying to accomplish. Carlos comes across many obstacles on his journey to his mother. He eventually comes across Enrique, who turns into his travel buddy, and saves him numerous times. I really admire Enrique for all he did for Carlos. Although he wanted to leave Carlos many times, Enrique stayed by his side, keeping him from danger. I feel like I am most like Enrique for the fact of how he helps Carlos. I am always helping people, whether I get along with them, or even like them, I’m always there to help. I also relate to Enrique because of his determination. He is just like Carlos, determined to find his mother (Carlos’.) Together they go through many struggles, sleeping on park benches, finding cheap easy jobs, barley making enough money to eat and sleep. But they will do whatever it takes to find her. I am determined like them when it comes to basketball. I am also willing to work as hard as I have to win, start, score, and play as much as I can. Enrique saved Carlos from danger numerous times. This brings me to my next theme, that you can do anything you put your mind to. When Carlos was working in the tomato factory, he almost got caught; and I was very frightened at this point. He didn’t think for a second he was going to get caught. He hid himself in crates of tomatoes and waited. All during the movie, whatever he puts his mind to, he does. The most obvious goal Carlos accomplished was finding his mother. He walked the streets of Los Angeles looking for the special corner, with the pizzeria, Laundromat, party store, and murals on sides of buildings. That is true determination. But this shows true courage of...
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