Kyoto Protocol

Topics: Kyoto Protocol, Global warming, Emissions trading Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Pros and Cons of Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol is an attempt of global community to encourage industrialized countries to lower on emissions of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions was signed in 1997 and till date there are multiple debates going on whether or not it was a step to foster a global cooperation to address current environmental issues or just a governmental endeavor to take under control a free market spot.

First, the protocol is seen as a starting point for effective collaboration aiming to achieve global good and face climate change (Hamish McRae). The journalist is sure that the deal has shown the commitment of countries to sacrifice their short-term needs at micro level in order to follow the “long-term global environmental aims”. In contrast, Kyoto Protocol is poorly designed and does not have any clear influences in perspective “unlike the Montreal Protocol, which had a clear objective and clear benefits”, notes the author. All things considered can help to draw a conclusion that the Protocol is rather controversial in its future perspectives but is a significant leap of “a wider global process of conservation” (Hamish McRae).

Second, carbon is traded like any other commodity: the treaty expects the countries that do not exceed their carbon emissions limits to sell the surplus to the countries which due to their industrial needs are beyond the allocated quotas. On the other hand, “carbon market” has plenty of opponents ready to state that even though the carbon trading is being constantly advertized as a key solution to coping with climate change, it is just a small part of the dilemma. Tamra Gilbertson and Oscar Reyes are sure that “today’s climate challenges require a paradigm shift in our thinking and approaches” (3). The Carbon Trade Watch researchers state that the adoption of proposed schema was a way to “make climate problems fit market solutions” (9). In any case, despite its bright perspectives in reality Kyoto...
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