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Evaluation of the Brand Strategy of Kurlon.
The major Brand strategy adopted by the Kurlon Pvt. Lmtd. Are as follow:- •Positioning strategy
The major problem with Kurlon pvt lmt. Is that they have too many sub brands & their variants, because of which they are facing problem in positioning the products. Major deficiency in their brand strategy are as follow:-

Fail to delivers the message clearly.
Doesn’t confirm companies credibility.
Doesn’t connect your target prospects emotionally.
Doesn’t Motivates the buyer.
Doesn’t Motivates the dealers.
Unable to concretes user Loyalty.
To succeed in branding you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You do this by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of public contact.

Q2. If you were the CEO of the company which alternative strategy you prefer & why? Sol.If I were the CEO of the company I will use following strategies :- 1. Drop some sub brands & variants.
2.Increase the attributes & benefits of the existing product. 3.Improve the company’s advertising strategy.
4.Motivate dealers to promote our company product.
5.Reset the price of the product in comparison to the other product present in the market.

1.In such less time it is not possible to focus on all the sub brands of the company. 2.Unable to introduce new product in short period therefore only increase the property of existing product & offers to attract the customer. 3.Advertisement is the method by which we can influence mass easily by use of some charismatic personality. 4.Ultimately dealers are the person who influences the buyers because they trust them. If dealer will get some additional benefit on sale of our product he will definitely promote our product. 5.In Indian market discount creates magic because major decision regarding house hold are taken by the females & discount & additional...
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