Jollibee Case Study

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1.) What conclusion might be drawn from the selected case must valuable to you? 2.) What impact would each conclusion have various components of overall strategic process? 3.) What issues will probably affect the profitability objectives that company formulates for the future be sure to explain have each issues likely influence the objectives. 4.) On the basis of the information given on your own cases write a mission statement that represents what company has taken. 5.) Make frame 3 long run and short run objectives that reflect mission. 6.) list as many areas as you can in which particular case seems objective, are objective written compatible to each other, what are the areas seems to have objectives. 7.) What level of strategic change is being you think implemented? What recommendations that will company have in implementing the strategy? 8.) Does the case focus on strategic control issues? Explain if not, where is the focus explain. 9.) What corresponding policy mention was the policy implied or stated, where they consisted with their policy. If they are show explain why they are consisted.

1) CONCLUSION: Implementation Plan
a.New product-new market
JFC could introduce new product develop targeting the foreign market. The new products that they had introduced in the Philippines could also be applicable to the international market. These stores should be particularly targeted towards the Filipinos working overseas. b.Increase depots in the domestic and other countries

JFC could establish additional depot near Jollibee stores. Through this, they could be able to reduce logistics costs thus leading to cost efficiency. Such a measure will ensure the freshness and high quality of the products that they will deliver to the international stores. In addition, they could avoid high shifting cost from the Philippines to other countries. They can also enter into joint venture agreement with other country in establishing new depot abroad. That is for JFC to be able to have ready knowledge about the external factors governing the country. c.Maintaining market dominance

To attain market dominance, Jollibee should concentrate on increasing the presence in international markets. The international market will only need a good communication plan like tailor made ads, PR articles, good promotional plans in getting the newly introduced products known, and focusing on pushing products, getting it known, and creating loyal customers. Besides, the transfer of the local taste buds would not be that quick going to international markets. Also, the company should improve on its research and development from new markets, potential acquisitions and new products to be developed. For each of the other business units, JFC should communicate the company culture through company conventions to ensure that the company interests are achieved. Advertising campaigns though do not always have to be Jollibee sponsored. As a suggestion, the other business units should focus on environment publicity, compared to Jollibee's ads for humanity and youth As the macro environment changes, the company should be responding by aligning its strategy and structure according to these changes. The group feels that company should take baby steps rather than the aggressive steps as those taken by Kitchner, owing to the financial constraints .The company should try to ride on the learning curve and experience from different markets. The company should try to resolve the internal conflicts and should have a focused vision. 2) a.New product-new market

They make new products exclusively to foreign markets especially for Filipino overseas. These will help the company on attracting customers to try the new product that JFC will be launching. b.Increase depots in the domestic and other countries

JFC could establish additional depot near Jollibee stores. Through this, they could be able to reduce logistics costs thus leading to cost efficiency. Such a measure...
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