Kumeyaay Indians

Topics: San Diego, Baja California, San Diego County, California Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: November 8, 2011
For many years before the Spanish and other European settlers arrived in California, the Kumeyaay Indian Nation lived in the area that is now recognized and divided into the counties of San Diego and Imperial, including Mexico Baja territories. However, the names of original inhabitants have been called Southern Diegueño, Diegueño-Kamia, Ipai-Tipai and Mission Indians, the people prefer to be known as Kumeyaay. In history, the Kumeyaay were horticulturists and hunters and gatherers. They were the only tribal group in the area and they first greeted the Spanish when they first landed into the San Diego Harbor with the Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo expedition of 1542.

Kumeyaay men were hunters of game. These games range from hunting rabbits, quails, deer, and antelope. Also, the men crafted hooks for fishing, arrows, bows, axes, nets, and other hunting supplies needed for these games. Kumeyaay women made fine baskets in fashion, pottery. The women designed and made clothing and created shelter for the whole tribe, which always changes with the seasons and environments. The Kumeyaay tribe practiced animal husbandry. They had a diverse pattern of ownership of land and division of labor that included a network of agricultural holdings in different geographic areas that were cultivated on a seasonal basis. Regardless of their independent outlook, they are very peaceful in nature and the Kumeyaay are very social and follow governmental customs of tolerance. In any case, men and women both made valuable contributions to survival.

The boundaries of the lands and territories of the Kumeyaay Indians have changed with the arrival of the Europeans. It use to extend from the Pacific Ocean, south to Ensenada in Baja Norte, Mexico. Then it further leaad east to the sand dunes of the Colorado River in Imperial Valley and north to Warner Springs Valley. They encountered their first European, who is Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. His ship landed on San Diego Bay. Then...
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