Kudler Fine Foods Operations Mangement

Topics: Management, Quality control, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Kudler Fine Foods: Operations Management

Orlando Hopper


MMPBL/502 – Managing the Business Enterprise
Vanessa Earl
University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods: Operations Management

Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty gourmet food company. Their goal is to provide every customer with the best food products from wines, domestic products, and fresh organic foods. Kathy the CEO of the company wants to expand their business by contracting with local growers so they can provide Kudler Fine Foods with the best available organic products out there. By being able to have a huge organic section in all three stores will increase the company’s operational efficiency and retail sales. These changes will affect their supply chain with the local growers. This will also allow Kudler Fine Foods to develop a healthy relationship with the suppliers (local growers). They will be able to have better control over their quality and performance measures. They will be able to set quality standards and to provide good quality product to the customers that will allow them to increase their business and customer base. Kudler Fine Foods is in a position to be a competitive company against other similar companies that have not made the necessary changes to grow as a company. Kudler Fine Foods objective will be to offer the best of organic products to the customer so they can build a loyal customer base and to be able to build a long and strong relationship with the local organic growers, but many changes within the company will affect the way they position themselves to move forward for the future (Apollo Group, 2004). Kudler Fine Foods as a company will take a major change when purchasing directly from the local growers. Kathy the CEO has all three-department managers managing their own inventory and purchasing what they need for their store. Their process now is to fill out purchase orders to be mail or faxed. The managers order off inventory...
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