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When listening or watching k-pop, are your parents and siblings keep on asking you why do you like k-pop? Do they keep on asking you why you listen to a genre of music that you don’t understand? Whenever we travel, my family always likes to play songs in the car but when my turn comes; my parents would always complain about the music that I play. Why? Because even I don't understand most of what the song means without searching its English meaning in the internet. However, my parents and my brother liked the rhythm and variations of each music that I play.

Sistar's famous leg dance in their single 'Alone'

According to Prof. Wendell Capili a professor in University of the Phillipines:

” Music is a universal language, so unang-unang appeal nung KPOP ay ‘yung melody nito, medyo catchy, medyo madaling maintindihan. Sa wikang Ingles, tinatawag nating perky, masyadong magaan… lalo na ang demographic ng KPOP ay mga bata.” (Music is a universal language, so k-pop's first appeal to its audiences is its melody, it's catchy and it can be easily understood. In English, we call it perky, very light... Specially that it appeals mostly to audiences who are younger in demographic.)

Meaning that one of the reason of why k-pop is well liked is because of its melody and its perkiness. Most teenagers this days like pop music especially if it's easy to listen to. So why are people or rather k-pop fans addicted to the music? My parents would always say that they like the rhythm of the song while my brother said that he likes the variations of the music and he would also say that he likes the way how polished their dance steps are. In my opinion, I (together with other k-pop fanatic friends) also liked how the way programs like "We Got Married", "Strong Heart" and "The Beatles Code" would showcase the idols showing their different personalities.

INFINITE poses for a magazine

Urban Dictionary defined Korean popular music or K-pop as a musical genre that is...
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