Mus 1014-Understanding Contemporary and Popular Music Musicsmus 1014-Understanding Contemporary and Popular Music Musics

Topics: Music, 21st century, 19th century Pages: 4 (1648 words) Published: May 26, 2013



By Edwin Choy

Music Idolism is affecting the world today as many people are following the trend set by artists and it changes the younger generation’s opinion on music and how it should be played. What is Music Idolism? As simple as the words say, Music Idolism means putting a personal favorite artist’s work as a focal point in everything. It is also a rejection of ideas put forward by other people and/or basing all argument on an artist or a particular music without clear reason. Music Idolism blinds most people’s judgment in the world be it if he/she is educated in music. So, what factors are involved in Music Idolism? The two major factors involved are appearances and of course, music. Most people would say ‘person A is my idol!’ or ‘I love person A!’ and the reason for those statements is the artist’s appearance and music. If an artist is handsome or pretty, it already gives them a big advantage. As what most people would talk about is their appearances as it is the first impression of the artist that gives him/her the popularity factor. People then spread word about that artist to their friends and which in turn shares about that artist in the internet through sources like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. The other major factor is music. What is involved in music that will make the world go crazy? How did so many artists achieve popularity? In 21st century music, most popular artist use a four chord loop or catchy rhythms that will draw the attention of many listeners. And soon, more artists followed in the same style in hopes of getting famous. After all these said, how does it affect people in the world today? Imagine telling a group of friends about a song and wanting to introduce it to them. After saying ‘I want to introduce you to this music.’ A friend immediately says ‘no! Artist X is better; his music is...
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