Kot1 Task 1

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Without occupying a formal leadership position there are many strategies the nurse can utilize to exert leadership. These strategies can help the interdisciplinary team without that nurse being in a leadership position. The potential to be a leader exists in everyone. Nursing is no exception. Leaders simply look for a better way to do things. Strategies

The nurse as a leader looks to achieve a workable unity. (Gardner, 2007) In an interdisciplinary format this is vitally important. There will be many factors that will prevent group cohesion and mutual tolerance in any environment. In an emotionally charged setting this is especially true. The nurse can help to manage conflict and promote a positive environment. This can occur through communication and encouragement. (Bagwell, 2011)

Communication is another essential skill for the nurse leader. Being able to effectively get your point across or respond to another party plays an intimate role when working with an interdisciplinary team. The nurse leader needs to be able to encourage others as well. In the team format, staff will know when these skills are ineffective as productivity should diminish. A staff that is encouraged and has good communication through all disciplines and is achieving a workable unity will be productive.

Nursing's Active Role
The nurse needs to be actively involved with the interdisciplinary team. This will enable nursing, and the nurse, to grow as a profession and as a person. Interdisciplinary teams are used everywhere in healthcare. The team is an essential part of patient care as well as the growth of a facility. There are many groups that exist within the healthcare setting that are interdisciplinary. Examples of these include ethics and palliative care. Nursing needs to have a voice in these environments. The nurses input both inside and outside of these groups has a direct impact on the patient and family. Being directly involved means that the...
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