Korean Wave

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Literature Review
Today Korean popular culture considered as the most successful and well-known entertainment industry. Since 1990s, the phenomenon “Hallyu” mostly recognized as “Korean Wave” spread out far away from its mother land and surprisingly made such a positive impression. There are millions of fans of k-pop over the whole world and in the last three-four years popularity of Korean pop-culture reached Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani channels show various TV dramas and a lot of music videos. So, what is the reason of k-pop’s popularity, is it because Korean culture has unique style, which differs from other countries or secret lies in something else? For this review I have prepared eight articles. Content of all articles are interesting and have something new and specific. Some of the articles have similar information, but mostly, each article has its own story, which introduces new aspects of k-pop and its popularity. In spite of having enough articles for the review, it was hard to find them. Since my topic is specified by location, it was complicated to find relevant articles. Firstly, I want to discuss article which shows direct connection of Korean pop-culture and Kazakhstan. Yoon SoJung’s article and article which wrote “The Dong-A ILBO” organization has such character. Both of articles have information about diplomatic relationships of two countries and describes that the past year 2011 was signed as “Year of Korea” in Kazakhstan. Yoon tells in his article has written more about year of Korea, when organization The Dong-A ILBO has emphasized the aspect how Korean culture affecting on Kazakhstani people’s life. Yoon S.J. (2011), found that on May 5, 2011 was a concert “Night of Korea” which took place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. On the performance “Night of Korea”, were spotted many authorities of both countries. On the concert were performed hallyu stars like T-max and JQT (p.1). One thing which came to my mind after this article is that...
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