Korea Tourism

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Korea is a wonderful place to visit. There are many sights to see as well as beautiful scenery everywhere you look. I would love to suggest Korea as one of the most beautiful countries for tourism. Just like every other country, there are many good factors as well as bad factors to consider while traveling in Korea.

One of the strengths of traveling in Korea is the extensive network of transportation. There are buses, taxis, trains, and subways throughout the whole country. I believe the Seoul subway system is one of the most developed in the whole. This easy accessible transportation makes it easy for travelers to get from one place to another. These forms of transportations are easy to use and quick to find. You will see a street sign almost everywhere you go. Street signs are on almost every block which prevents travelers from getting lost. Another strength of visiting Korea are the cheap prices. Transportation, food, and lodging are all at reasonable prices. In my opinion, the biggest strength of traveling in Korea is the beautiful scenery. While you travel place to place the scenery is always there. Everywhere you look you will see the vast variety of vegetation and peaceful environment.

Every country has it's weaknesses. One of Korea's weakness is that there aren't very many tour packages for travelers to use when coming to Korea. If there were more packages created, there would be a vast increase in the number of foreign travelers. Although there are many street signs in Korea, there is a lack of tourism signs. I haven't seen many signs for the original Korean tourist attractions, such as temples or palaces. Korea has some of the most beautiful palaces in southeast Asia but they aren't advertised as well as they should be. Also, there are a variety of Buddhist temples but not many travelers know about this. One of my Korean American friends came to Korea to visit and thought that Buddhist temples were only for Buddhists, but that's not the case....
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