Kim Jong-Il: the Reign of Terror

Topics: North Korea, Kim Jong-il, World War II Pages: 8 (2927 words) Published: May 23, 2013
English 205
20 May 2013
Kim Jong-Il’s Reign
There is little known about the true inside of North Korea, but what we do know is that yields a powerful dictatorship across its people. This dictatorship all began less than 100 years ago and has a very short history. A brief description of Korea’s history, from, shows how the country split into two completely different countries: Japan annexed the Korean peninsula in 1910, and the country spent the next 35 years under Japanese military rule. With Japan’s defeat in World War II in 1945, American troops landed in the southern part of the peninsula, while Soviet troops secured the area north of latitude 38˚ N (or the 38th parallel). In this way, communism took firm hold in the north, culminating in the emergence of Kim Il-Sung, who in 1948 would become the first premier of the newly established Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. (Pruitt)

The communistic reign on Korea can be traced back through one family, the Kim family. Kim Il-Sung was appointed by the Soviet leader of Russian in 1948 and served as North Korea’s dictator for almost 50 years until he died in 1994. Kim Il-Sung was worshipped like a god in North Korea and even referred to as “Great Leader, Heavenly Leader and even the Sun” (Pruitt). The love and respect that Kim Il-Sung received, was immediately transferred to Kim Jong-Il when he came to power in 1994. Kim Jong-Il’s reign was one that scared the whole world and involved much terror and abuse of power towards many countries and towards the whole North Korean population. Throughout the rest of this essay I will refer to Kim Jong-Il as Kim and anyone else by their full name. Kim was more than a dictator of North Korea but a tyrant of the world and with use of his power he abused the use of nuclear weapons, worker camps and deprived his country of food and medical attention.

Kim was Korea’s idol and though upon as highly as God to Americans, Allah to Muslims and Buddha to Buddhists. It was well known that Kim loved the power and attention, which is why there was reason to believe his research and experimentation of nuclear weapons was not only become a more powerful country but also a strive for attention. Nuclear tests began around World War II and were then experimented by all countries with advanced militaries. The Soviet Union, being a communist country, helped North Korea with nuclear experimentation and advanced them far enough to allow them to conduct their own experiments. Allowing North Korea to have the ability to create such disaster and or even another World War is like giving a kid matches or a gun.

During World War II America drop two nuclear bombs on cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According to Visual News “15 kiloton Little Boy and 21 kiloton Fat Man” the two bombs the Americans used, “The two Japanese cities were leveled in seconds, killing hundreds of thousands from the initial blast and later radiation poisoning” (Starr). These nuclear weapons posses such powers that’s could demolish cities and states in the matter of seconds and they cannot be contained when detonated. Weapons like these are dangerous and poses threats to countries everywhere when having this much power.

Americans displayed the power of nuclear weapons in World War II and demonstrated the raw damage that it could create. Russia, who was in support of communist North Korea after the world war, sought to create weapons with more power than Americans and succeeded. The Russians created something more massive than anyone could have though. Benjamin Starr explains the true power the Russians possessed:

The pinnacle of nuclear bomb development came with the aptly named Tsar Bomba, which the Russians nicknamed the Kuz’kina Mat (roughly translating to “we will show you”). The behemoth bomb tipped the explosive scales at a frightening 50,000 kilotons — 3,333 times larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. When the weapon was released over Russia on...
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