Knowledge for Nursing Practice- a Narrative

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale Pages: 7 (2638 words) Published: May 15, 2013
There she was sitting in her wheelchair getting wheeled off, her son guiding her as she passed by the ward and staff with a big smile on her face. With a final wave to the nurses and other staff, she was gone. Finally, she was going home. The nurses, her son and daughter have all waited for that moment. She was feeling better than before and could go back to her life outside the hospital. Joyce was not like this the first time I met her. She had been through a lot since she got here and she deserved that moment. This woman with a head full of grey, thinning hair was in her own room with her petite frame curled up on her bed. She was quiet. When she was introduced to the student nurses who were caring for her, she replied with an eager smile. She was initially here for a hemiarthroplasty on her left leg and a pleural tap but unfortunately, she also had stage IV lung cancer. On top of that, she lost her husband three days before the student nurses got there. She was such a lovely woman and very positive with life, which made people think if she was a really strong lady or she was masking what she really felt. Or maybe it was acceptance. She even shared with the nurses that she felt it was wrong that her husband died before she did because she was the terminally ill out of the two of them. She even shared with the nurses that it was really hard to be in the hospital and be grieving at the same time because she was mostly alone all day. All she had were the nurses and once they started talking to her about her loss, she felt that she was not alone anymore. She shared that it was around this time that she started being positive about everything and that it was because of the empathy the nurses showed and their presence helped her cope with the situation. Joyce also shared that being positive really helped her not only emotionally but also physically. She shared that when she started being positive about everything, she started asking to be wheeled around in her wheelchair and not being in bed all day and felt less pain as before. Without the care that she received, Joyce would not have been the person that she is now. Because she has been in the hospital for a few weeks before she got discharged, she became familiar with the nurses and vice versa and this helped a lot in programming a care plan for her which would benefit her in the long run not only with her physical injury but also mentally and emotionally. As for the nursing care system, Joyce’s case was a good lesson on how you can make a person better not just by fixing them up physically but also sharing their emotions and acknowledging their situation which heals them spiritually or emotionally.

In nursing, the most important part of the profession is the patient. Without the patient, there would be no one to care for and no one to support. What most people do not understand is that being a patient hospitalized for long periods of time can take a toll on a person’s overall health. Patients are out of their ‘habitat’ and thus feel a lot of things on top of their ailment such as vulnerability, anxiety, and a feeling of having no knowledge of what is going to happen (Sørlie, Torjuul, Ross & Kihlgren, 2006). Patients also became powerless over their health which may be because of limitations due to injury or basically because patients cannot do anything about the ailment so they turn to the health care team, which includes nurses, to get them back to their normal lives (Guo, 2010). Nursing has a lot of concepts that help train student nurses on providing quality care not only to cure a patient’s ailment but also to focus on other aspects of a person’s life. After all, nursing is not just about treating a person physically but also emotionally, socially and mentally (Smith, 2006). Nursing care can also be affected by various factors that alter the quality of care being given to a patient, either positively or negatively. Such environmental factors could...
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