Topics: Intelligence, Motivation, Emotion Pages: 3 (541 words) Published: March 29, 2013
1. To formulate a general definition of emotion, it will be most accurate to say that A. an emotion is a specific reaction to a perceived change in a situation. B. emotions are feelings that have both physiological and cognitive elements. C. emotions are adaptive physiological responses to feelings. D. emotion is a feeling state evoked by an expressed behavior. 3. I'm not all that happy, but when I smile I feel better. This idea might best be expressed by the A. facial feedback hypothesis.

B. theory of universal affect programming.
C. facial-affect program.
D. emotional similarity theory.
4. If you agree with B.F. Skinner as to the nature of personality, you would also agree that A. human personality is largely shaped through observational learning. B. traits like sociability arise from unconscious wishes to be liked by others. C. personality is shaped by people's thoughts, feelings, expectations, and values. D. humans are infinitely changeable because they can learn new behavior patterns.

7. As discussed in your textbook, which statement best illustrates fluid intelligence? A. Alex recalls the wiring pattern and deftly reconnects the power lead to the battery. B. Caldwell critically evaluates the likely causes of kidney stones. C. Gavin the spy quickly memorizes the 12-digit code.

D. Dylan scribbles the draft of a poem onto the back of an envelope.

13. Carol is most likely to reject thetheory of aging because she pictures the body as a machine that stops working properly as the parts wear out.
A. genetic preprogramming
B. activity pages
C. disengagement
D. wear-and-tear
14. In thetheory of motivation,motivation is to satisfaction provided by activities that
are their own reward asmotivation is to satisfaction derived from the reward for some kind of behavior, such as money or status.
A. drive-reduction; extrinsic; intrinsic...
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