Kiwi Identity

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National identity is a form of social identity – meaning people’s understanding of who they are in relation to others. National identity is a shared understanding of the characteristics and behaviours that distinguish one nation from other nations. Multiple identities

National identity is not fixed and has multiple strands.
Different people and groups view the nation in different ways. A Southland farmer may describe New Zealand identity differently from a Pacific person in South Auckland. National identity may change depending on the situation. Many people notice that being a New Zealander means something different to them when they travel overseas. Internal national identity may be different from external identity. An external identity is how a nation state presents itself to other peoples and countries. A strong external identity helps a country to have a strong diplomatic presence internationally and to advance national economic interests. Major export-oriented industries, such as education and tourism, rely for their success on a positive external image or ‘national brand’. National identities evolve over time. New Zealand identity has changed due to the shifting relationship with Britain, changing relationships among Māori, Pākehā and newer New Zealanders, and the interaction of New Zealand with other countries and cultures. Expressions of identity

National identity is expressed in many different ways. In New Zealand’s case these include: * deliberate promotion of images by the state through symbols like flags or coins, immigration propaganda or tourist advertising, or through displays such as international exhibitions * the performance of New Zealanders internationally in war or in sport * major political acts that attract international attention, such as when New Zealand banned visits by nuclear-powered and -armed ships * artistic portrayals, in films, books, art or music.

The overseas view
The external image of New Zealand may be quite...
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