Kino's Dreams Through the Pearl

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Kino’s dreams through the pearl

Kino, as a hard-working poor man that he was, was astonished by the pearl he found in the sea. It was very opportune since the money he was going to obtain would serve for curing his child, but mostly, because this wasn’t like any other pearl, but the pearl of the world, he assumed he would get an extremely good quantity of money. And as any other human being, he thought of the possibilities that the existence of the pearl was giving to his family; all dreams that he had to eliminate before, because they were just impossible. But now, the pearl allowed him to dream and dream big. His wishes start from the basic necessities, to the non-basic that we can even classify as whims. The first image that was in his mind is really interesting. He firstly thought about getting married, but he specifies, in the church. This is reflecting, like many references in the novel, the influence of the Hispanic culture upon the Indians. Even though they still kept their beliefs in magic, he thought the correct thing to do was to get married in a church. Also, it makes me think that perhaps none of those people living in the shore, the Indians, were married. So perhaps, he wanted to jump into a better a social status, too; to leave his hard life behind and be seen differently. Then, he said he would buy new clothes for his family and himself. As any father, he wanted to give his family good clothing; but he is very specific about his wishes. He imagined his son in a sailor suit from the United States; this is another indication about the influences that were taking part in his culture. People living in Mexico have always preferred the clothing made in the US, because it’s supposed to have a better quality, but not everybody can afford any piece of clothing there. He might have heard that the wealthy people in town said their clothing came from there, and he had created this illusion, even though maybe he didn’t know if they really were better or...
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