Compair and Contrast

Topics: Wish, The Monkey's Paw, Horror short stories Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Nick Abraham
Compare/Contrast Paper
English 8-2
March 6, 2013

There are lots of stories out there and lots of stories or movies have it where a character has the power to make wishes for whatever they want. It is usually hard for the character to decide what to wish for. In this paper I will tell you how the books,“ The Monkeys Paw,”and,“The Fisherman and his Wife,” are alike and different.

In the fishermans wife story the wife was never settled with what she had. Every time she got something bigger and better than the last she made her husband go to the fish and ask for an upgrade. In, “ The monkey's paw ” they make wishes and were warned it would turn out bad which is also what the man had warned his wife about that he shouldn't be asking the fish for so much. In ,“The Fisherman and his Wife,” whenever the husband went back to ask the fish for a wish it got darker, windeyer, and the waves kept growing bigger and more rough each time. In ,“ The Monkeys Paw,” every time the person went into the basement it grew darker and scarier. What I'm saying is that each time a person went to go for another wish the atmosphere became more violent or changed in a bad way. In this paragraph I will tell you about the differences between the stories ,“ The Monkey's Paw,”and ,“The Fisherman and his Wife.” In the story ,“The Fisherman and his Wife,” the wife gets five wishes from the fish. In, “The Monkey’s Paw,” they get only three wishes. The wishes are clearly different and where the people go to wish is different. The man goes out on the lake to where he caught the fish and tells the fish what his wife wants. In the other story they go down into the basement and wish to the monkeys paw.

In this paragraph I'm going to tell you about the wishes each person makes. In,“The Fisherman and his Wife,” the wife wishes for a cottage and then she wishes for a mansion and upgrades of their house. In , “The Monkey’s Paw,” the Mr. White wishes for money to pay off the...
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