Topics: Famine, Great Famine, Ireland Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Lord Kingscourt is firstly introduced to us in chapter 2. Our first encounter and impression of Lord Kingscourt is that he is a man of very high class, we know this as he is firstly introduced by statement ‘The Right Honourable Thomas David Nelson, the noble Lord Kingscourt, the Viscount of Roundstone, the ninth Earl of Cashel, Kilkerrin and Carna.’ From looking at the following statement and how he is firstly put across to us we already know that Lord Kingscourt in a man that holds a lot of responsibilities and is held in very high regard. When Lord Kingscourt was in the dinning saloon we know that a negro man holding an overload of charged champagne flutes stumbles near the doorway. When this happened an ironic slow-handclap started then numerous voices sitting around the table started to shout “Huazzah! Bravo! Well done, that fellow” “They’ll have to put up the fares!”. This is showing us the perception and respect the negro’s got from the higher class people during the Great Famine. On the other hand Lord Kingscourt who was looked up at by the higher class people during the Great Famine refused to insult the negro man, said to him “Mind your hand, here!” as he handed him a clean linen handkerchief. This is already indicating to us as readers that Lord Kingscourt does not see himself as better than anyone else. He is showing sympathy for this negro man by not mocking him and trying to help him. Despite Kingscourt being in pain and discomfort because of the Great Famine he still sees this negro servant as no better than himself. He is a man who sees everyone on an equal level no matter first class or third class. After proceeding to help the negro servant, Lord Kingscourt’s wife who was sitting around the table called “David” as he turned to look at her she has half risen from her banquette and was gaily beckoning him over with a bread-knife, her knotted eyebrows and pinched lips set in burlesque of impatience. As a reader this makes us realise just how...
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