Kingdom of God

Topics: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: January 26, 2010
Metaphors of the Kingdom of God
Christina P. Cuzzort
Grand Canyon University
BIB123 New Testament History
November 11, 2009

The article, Tame talks about the fresh new metaphor of the Kingdom of God. There are two contemporary metaphors to describe the kingdom of God. It inspired by the camel traveling through the eye of a needle and parable of the yeast in the dough.

You could say the kingdom of God is like a women shopping for makeup. She uses the same kind many times before but each time the make up gets to be more and more plan. She thinks about the cost of buy different makeup every time she puts it on. She knows that new makeup is a little more pricey so like always she puts it on hold one more day. After thinking about it she thinks just how long does it take me to put on my makeup and just how long does it take me to make enough money to buy new makeup. Finally she gives up and goes to the mall and buys the same thing. The next morning she repeats the process all over again but this time wishing that she would have bought different makeup and not waits.

People are being called into the kingdom of God everyday but just like the women she is not willing to buy new makeup, most of them are not willing to change their lives because they feel that there is no other option. People use the same things to get buy everyday. They will go through life wasting there relationships. Such as fighting with their husbands or even cheating their way through life just to get ahead and be better then the next person. This will never change because the cost of changing is way too pricey just like the makeup. Some will never change even when they are on their knees and the gates have open and they see a new option. You have to want change before you can change.

I have heard some people look at the kingdom of God as a great and powerful email. That was well thought out by the first author. Once forwarded to love ones, friend and even co-workers....
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