King Phillip Ii of Spain King Phillip Ii of Spain King Phillip Ii of Spain

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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King Phillip II of Spain -------------------------------------------------
21 Spanish Way
Madrid, Spain 93827
(985) 453-9647
Objective: To secure a position on the King Phil Show.

* 1556- Crowned King of Spain
* Inherited Naples, the Netherlands, Sicily, Milan, and the Americas from his father * Supported an army of more than 50,000 soldiers
* Proudly defended Catholicism against Muslims in the Ottoman Empire and Protestants in Europe. * Resided in a lavish palace, called the Escorial
* Signed a multiple of treaties and truces with France, including the Truce of Vaucelles and the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis, with Henry II * 1596- Formed an inquisition in South America
* 1571- Defeated the Turkish, a long-time enemy, with specially trained navy * 1581- Became King of Portugal
* 1587- Lead a Catholic crusade against the English with the help of Pope Sixtus V * 1590- Ignited war against French Huguenots
* Faced a defeat against the English even though their fleet of ships was ¼ the size of the Spanish armada * Became wealthy from silver and gold found in mines in the Americas. * Married four times:

* 1543- Married cousin, Maria of Portugal
* 1554- Married Queen Mary I ( Mary Tudor) of England
* 1560- Married Elizabeth of France
* 1570- Married Anna of Austria

* Dealt with trust issues throughout entire life
* Caused a great amount of economic problems in Spain
* Relied on taxes to help pay off debt; negatively affected the peasant class the most * Used and silver fortune from the Americas to fund wars * Fell into a debt that was 85.5 million ducats while the annual income was 9.7 million (1 ducat = * Declared bankruptcy in 1557, 1560,...
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