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Topics: Atlanta metropolitan area, Event management, Party Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Confeti offers a very unique service to corporations, franchises and small business in the metro Atlanta area. Confeti’s corporate event benefit is an annual corporate extravaganza that promotes physical activity amongst children, family interaction between parents, children and siblings, and corporations the opportunity to invest in an additional, preventative benefit that can help to reduce healthcare costs. Confeti’s corporate event will be held annually for each organization involved. The event will take place at a designated venue and will contain a fluster of children’s activities, health awareness workshops, a host of child vendors, as well as food and entertainment. Confeti Event Management Company will organize and execute the entire event. The purpose of this corporate event is to allow employers to provide an additional benefit that could help reduce employee stress and doctor visits. The unstable economy has forced many families to be more cautious about how they are spending. Families are spending less on leisure and entertainment to offset higher gas prices and the increasing costs of living. Threats to family income may cause economic stress or financial strain. Economic stress indirectly influences family interaction by directly affecting an individual’s well-being ( Economic stress can also affect job performance. This event/benefit will guarantee employees one day each year to spend quality time with their families and not be preoccupied about cost. To ensure the safety of all participants, Confeti Corporate Events will be secured by local law enforcement agencies, volunteers and interns. There will also be a 2 child per 1 adult maximum. Employees will be advised to preregister for the event as well as RSVP at a later date. In addition, Confeti also provides customized party services on location. Confeti offers parties for children ages 4-18. Our standardized party package lasts two hours and has a theme of...
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