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My fellow friends,
Being a hostage is not a good experience for a young kids. But unfortunately, I happen to witness one of my younger sister's classmate being kidnapped and it was terrifying. His name is Amri and he is ten years old. He was the victim of a kidnapping series and he was still a primary school student. The incident happened on a fine Monday morning. A man who had history of mental illness and was previously a criminal broke into the school compound. Armed with a switchblade, he scared everybody in the school and took Amri as his hostage. The kidnapper took the ten years old student as his hostage for four hour. Amri's hand and leg were tied up and he cannot do anything because the kidnapper stood beside him all the time. Soon, the policeman arrived and tried to negotiate with the kidnapper. However, the stubborn kidnapper refused to release Amri. On the other hand, the kidnapper make sure Amri was in good condition. He also allowed Amri's mother to hear Amri's voice on the phone. The police recorded the conversation as the kidnapper was talking through the phone. The kidnapper try to demand for his release by calling Amri's mother again or he will hurt Amri but the policeman refuse to fulfill his demand. The kidnapper lost his temper and started to hurt Amri. His aroused temper led him to slash Amri's right chest and he was badly injured. Seeing that, the kidnapper panicked and lost his concentration. The quick move of the policeman managed to save Amri. The kidnapper tried to escape but was arrested. At the end of the day, the policeman told him that he was a brave boy. Even though he did not suffer from any mental trauma after the incident, he was sent for counseling session to motivate himself
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