12 Angry Men Facts

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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* From Witnesses:
* Witness heard fighting between boy and father at 8pm
* Witness saw boy run out of building after fight
* Witness heard boy yell “I’m going to kill you” at 12:10 A.M. * Witness heard body fall a second later
* Witness saw boy run down stairs and out of building
* Witness from across street, 60 feet away, divided by an “L” line, saw boy stab his father in a downward motion through her bedroom window, looking through the windows of the last two cars of a passing 6 car “L” train at 12:10 AM * Nobody saw the boy going to or coming out of movie theater * The Police:

* Questioned and arrested boy at 3AM when he returned home from the movies, in his apartment next to his father’s dead body * During this time, the boy stated he was at the movies but could not recall the name or the stars in it * The Psychiatrist for the prosecution:

* Stated the boy suffers from Homicidal and Paranoid Tendencies * The Prosecution:
* Time of Death around 12:10AM
* Father stabbed 4 inches into the chest with a downward angle * No one at theater could identify the boy
* The boy:
* Bought knife at neighborhood pawnshop
* Bought knife for a friend who’s knife he had broke
* Stated that the knife fell out of his pants through a hole in his pocket * Claimed he went to the movies at 11:30PM and returned home at 3AM to find his father dead and was arrested at that time * At the trial, the boy remembered the name of the movie and all the stars in it II. THE WITNESSES:

* Within same apartment complex as the killing
* Old man lived In the apartment directly below the boys apartment * Heard loud noises resembling a fight
* Heard the boy yell out “I’m going to kill you” at 12:10AM * Heard body hit the floor a second later
* Ran to his door and saw the boy running down the stairs and out the building

* Couple living across from the boys apartment
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