Khafre's Life

Topics: Khafra, Djedefre, Great Sphinx of Giza Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: May 20, 2013
KHAFRA (Khafre)

Khafre was an ancient egyptian pharaoh of during the Old Dynasty. He was the son of Khufu, the predecessor of Djedefre, his half-brother and his successor Menkaure. Khafre was the builder of the second largest pyramid in Giza. Some of the egyptologists also credit him with the building of the Great Sphinx, but this is highly disputed.

We do not know much about Khafre except the historical reports of Herodotus which describe Khafre as a cruel and heretic ruler for closing the egyptian temples.

Khafre took the throne upon the death of his older half-brother, Djedefre (there is some thought that he might have killed him, given the short reign of Djedefre) and is best known as the builder of the second pyramid at Gizaand, of maybe, the giant Sphinx. It is not know why he came to the throne instead of one of Djedefre's sons, and it may be that he pushed aside the former kings son to take the throne, or that none of Djedefre's sons remained. Khafre's marriage to Hetepheres III, a granddaughter of Khufu, was surely to solidify his claim to the throne.

The estimates of the length of his reign arelol very different. Manetho and Herodotus both say 66 years, but there is no evidence for a reign this long.

The second pyramid at Giza :

Khafre's tomb was actually the Second Pyramid at Giza.

The pyramid had two entrances, with different passages inside. One of the passages leads to the burial chamber in which a sarcop

The burial chamber was carved out of a pit in the bedrock. The roof is constructed of gabled limestone beams. The chamber is rectangular, 14.15 m by 5 m, and is oriented east-west. Khafre’s sarcophagus was carved out of a solid block of granite and sunk partially in the floor. Another pit in the floor likely contained the canopic chest.
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