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Topics: Java, Object-oriented programming, C++ Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Java KeywordsBy Barry Burd
Part of the Java For Dummies Cheat Sheet The 50 Java keywords have specific meanings within the language, so you can’t use the keywords in this table for anything other than their function within Java. And, you can't make up new meanings for the words false, null, and true, either. But for technical reasons, those three words aren't called keywords. Whatever! Note: The boldface words in the “What It Does” column are other keywords. Keyword | What It Does |

abstract | Indicates that the details of a class, a method, or an interface are given elsewhere in the code. | assert | Tests the truth of a condition that the programmer believes is true. | boolean | Indicates that a value is either true or false, in the Java sense. | break | Jumps out of a loop or switch. |

byte | Indicates that a value is an 8-bit whole number. | case | Introduces one of several possible paths of execution in a switch statement. | catch | Introduces statements that are executed when something interrupts the flow of execution in a try clause. | char | Indicates that a value is a character (a single letter, digit, punctuation symbol, and so on) stored in 16 bits of memory. | class | Introduces a class — a blueprint for an object. | const | You can’t use this word in a Java program. The word has no meaning. Because it’s a keyword, you can’t create a const variable. | continue | Forces the abrupt end of the current loop iteration and begins another iteration. | default | Introduces a path of execution to take when no case is a match in a switch statement. | do | Causes the computer to repeat some statements over and over again (for instance, as long as the computer keeps getting unacceptable results). | double | Indicates that a value is a 64-bit number with one or more digits after the decimal point. | else | Introduces...
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