Exception Handling in C++

Topics: Exception handling, C, Control flow Pages: 3 (440 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Exception Handling
• Exception Handling Basics
• Exception Handling mechanism

• Throwing Exception
• Catching exception
• Rethrowing Exception
• Exception Specification

Exception Handling
• Exception are the errors that occur at run time and
can stop the working of the program abruptly.
• They can occur in various situations- one such
condition when the number is divided by 0.
• For handling such exceptions we have an error
handling mechanism called as exception handling.

Main objective is to provide a way to detect and
report the exception condition so that necessary
action can be taken without troubling user

Exception handling mechanism
• when exception occurs the portion of program that
detects the exception can inform that exception
have occurred by throwing it.
• When we throw an exception, program control
immidiately stops the step by step execution of
code and jumps to exception handler.
• Exception handler catches the exception and
process it without troubling user

• When there is no exception handler,program
terminates abruptly.

3 constructs used
• Try, Catch, Throw are 3 constructs used for
implementing exception handling
• We need to create try and catch block to handle
such an exception.
• Try Block: we define the statement that needs to be
tested for exception.if exception occurs we use
throw statement to invoke exception handler.

Exception handler
• Exception handler is the catch block which catches the exception and process it.
• Syntax:
{// testing condition
Throw excp;
catch(datatype arg)

//code for handling exception

Try-catch block
• the statements in try block can cause exception at
run time. On detecting exceptions it is thrown
using throw statement in try block.
• Throw keyword is only way to throw an exception
and excp represents type of value that can be
• Catch block is an exception handler. Block starts
with catch keyword.

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