Keep Your Eyes of the Screen

Topics: Internet, History of the Internet, Distraction Pages: 3 (1259 words) Published: May 1, 2013
English 221
21 February 2013
Caution: Take your eyes off the screen
We have become a nation of distracted individuals, individuals with little interest of the outside world. We no longer pay attention to our surroundings. We walk the streets with our heads down tapping a text to someone from another time zone, and our ears plugged in to loud music. A quote from the article “Enough about you” from Brian Williams says, “Intimacies that were once whispered into the phone are now announced unabashedly into cell phones as loud running conversations in public spaces. Diaries once sealed under lock and key are now called blogs and posted daily for all those who care to make the emotional investment.” This quote reflects that our lives consists of social networking and self-broadcasting that no longer fits to the category of a genuine conversation and acquiring better social skills. Overall, we have become obsessed and dependent on the Internet, in the end we have lost self-awareness and quality of life. While the Internet helps people feel connected with friends, family and even a foreign people from the other side of the world, the word “connect” has lost its value ever since social networking came to place. Society no longer has the same quality of communication and social skills. For example, when we say that one has meant people all over the world through a networking site does not mean he/she have the same qualifications of someone who has traveled the world. One must have actual life experience with people in order to gather wisdom. As I mentioned before, physical connection is key in having a true relationship. In addition, social skills are the next big contribution. A quote from Jack Soloman and Sonia Mausik in the book Signs of Life in the USA explains, “While online socializing may supplement face-to-face encounters, it can be conducted in complete isolation as well”. This means over a short period of time more...
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