Does Technology Divide People Rather Than Connect People?

Topics: Internet, Mobile phone, Social network service Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Some think that technology connects people while other thinks it divides people. (Final version)

Technology today is involved in every part of your daily life. Technology allows you to channel information at a low cost, send out your feedbacks in anytime at everywhere and meet new friends from the other side of the world. With the advanced technology, people are able to visit different countries and exchange their cultures. Yet, as people over rely on technology it comes a problem that people no longer able to have actual social connections with the others. To a large extent, technology does connect people. This essay is going to take an in-depth look at the reasons of why technology connects people. Technology connects and builds relationships for people through offering a convenient and creative way to meet new faces. Technology allows people have interactions directly and even a face-to-face discussion immediately. Many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ provide a platform to group people who have common hobbies to know each other. Internet is multi- functional that enables you to chat, share photos, videos and play games via chat room, social networking websites and webcams, etc. Dr. Cohen’s reported: “there are many barriers to face-to-face intergenerational experiences, including transportation challenges for the students, anxiety for both parties, and lack of scheduling flexibility” (cited in An intergenerational e-mail pal project on attitudes of college students toward older adults, 2008). Internet provides a convenient platform for busy businessmen and introverted teenagers to connect the others. Using technology to connect people is cheap and it may be one of the reasons why people like using technology as a medium of communication. When emergencies occur, you can contact your friends or families by cell phones immediately. Cell phones are becoming ubiquitous, even in underdeveloped countries. "Cell phones are the main...
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