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The first time I went kayaking was in a very small pond at my friend’s neighbor’s house. I was nervous at first and then when it came time to leave, I didn’t want to get out. Since that time I have only gone kayaking once and that was on Black Creek in Churchville, New York. I have looked at many kayaks and equipment that goes with it. The one kayak that popped out at me the most is the EZG 42 wavesport. The place I would go kayaking is called Black River; it is near Watertown, New York.

Kayaks come in different sizes and shapes, but there is one that won me over and that was the EZG 42 wavesport. The reason why I chose the EZG 42 wavesport kayak is because it used for white water and that is what I want to do. I just want to go and have a good time and feel good about it. The kayak I looked at can be bought used or new and I chose the used price which was $920. The size of the kayak is 6 feet and 6 inches in length which is a good fit for me so I can go down a rushing river. I also chose that kayak because I love the color of it and that it is comfortable at the same time. When you are going down a rushing river it is important to have kayak with you so you don’t go to the bottom of the river.

Paddles are a good piece of equipment that you can have on you when you are in a kayak. The paddle that I chose to go along with the kayak is a Werner twist straight shaft paddle. The reason why I chose that paddle was because both ends do not line up which gives it a great power and responsiveness so I can actually paddle and steer faster. I chose this paddle because it is made out carbon fiber that makes it light and stronger. The shafts on the paddles will enhance the energy during each stroke you take. When the blades are smaller in diameter they can give a more powerful catch then longer blades do. The paddles are not just the thing that I needed so I could go on a trip down the river.

The sprayskirt that I chose was the Adventure GTX 7.0 because it is...
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