Tasik Kenyir

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There are so many species of birds at Lake Kenyir. There are some of 230 species of birds such as hornbills, Crested Serpent Eagle, Bat Hawk, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Lesser Fish Eagle, Magpie Robin, Pigeon, Dove, Mina, Woodpecker, Bulbul, Yellow Vented, Yellow Headed, Kingfisher, Raptors, Sunbird and many others. Lake Kenyir has the biggest number of hornbills species such as Rhinoceros Hornbills, Great Hornbills, Oriental Pied Hornbills, Black Hornbills, White Crown Hornbills, Wreathe Hornbills, Wrinkle Hornbills, Bushy Crested Hornbills and Helmeted Hornbills. Lake Kenyir is the best place to bird watching because we can encourage seeing a couple of hornbills species flying at our little cabin where we stay. Other smaller birds were also in view such as swallows and swifts in great profusion, little bulbuls with their fluffy green feathers and a couple of hill mynahs with a very artful song.


Lake Kenyir in Terengganu provides sets of kayaking for all ages of tourist. The price is also reasonable which is only RM10 per kayak. By using kayak, the tourist not only can exercise with the family members but also can sight seeing the beautiful natural scenery at Kenyir Lake . By kayaking at Lake Kenyir, the tourist can visits lots of islands that are nearby the resorts for example the Herbs Island that contain variety of herbs planted.


Camping sites are some of outdoor activity that Lake Kenyir provides to the tourists who wants to stays overnight here with a lower budget. There are several location in Lake Kenyir have provide the facilities for camping such as at Pengkalan Gawi, Lawit River, Lasir, Soak,Tembat, Tanjung Bewah,Petang Island and Cicir River. Few facilities had provided at the camping sites by KETENGAH include open air hall, cooking area,


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Calmness feelings that you can felt when sitting on the edge of the lake looking fish swims and birds fly freely compelling enough to not manifested in words. That which can be felt during a visit, picnic or play on the lake is indeed pretty awesome. Truly one of the unique facets of Lake Kenyir is the hundreds of pretty islands, 340 islands approximately, which dot the vast surface of the lake. Like jewels gleaming in the sun, the islands offer a panoramic and unique view of Lake Kenyir unseen anywhere else. When the hills and valleys are submerged in the water after the construction of the dams, highlands and hilltops above 138 metres in height which are not submerged become islands in Lake Kenyir . Lake kenyir is the most great place to go picnic with your family and friends. By doing this, you will feels very satisfied with the nature at Lake Kenyir.


Kenyir Lake provides an ideal rendezvous with beautiful mother nature and peaceful camp-sites are plentiful in and around the lake. Popular camping spots are along the rivers of Saok, Lasir, Cacing, Chicir, Leban, Pertang, Terenggan, Tembat and Pulau Pub (KOLA). Ample nature trails to the manyview from the top waterfalls found in Tasik Kenyir. Being part of the National Park, Lake Kenyir has so much to offer in its lush tropical rainforest. You will be rewarded with crystal clear mountain streams flowing into the lake after a long trekking journey. Trekking in this huge jungle is never a boring and lonely thing because Kenyir Lake is not merely a piece of jungle. It is home for more than 8,000 species of flowers, 25,000 species of plants and trees and 300 species of fungus, 800 pecies of orchids, 100 species of butterflies, 370 species of birds, 200 species of animals. Jungle trekking at Kenyir Lake also means crossing many...
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