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Topics: Philippines, Manila, De La Salle Philippines Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Cheng, Philip I
Dr. Arleigh Dela Cruz
Performance Task #3

November 30, 2012

Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC
Secretary, Department of Education

Dear Bro. Armin,

As a student from De La Salle University and a concerned citizen of the Philippines, I would like to raise up some issues that I have noticed in some history textbooks being produced and used in primary and secondary schools. When I was in Elementary and High School, I was made to believe in inaccurate things about the American and Japanese occupation of our country. These things were straightened out by my professor in De La Salle University and I believe that the children who still use these textbooks have the right to be taught what is correct.

It is commonly misinterpreted that Americans are kinder, benevolent and more humane than the Japanese. I oppose this statement and believe that it is only an assumption because the Japanese occupation was shorter and was during the World War. The Americans killed countless Filipinos in a war that they started on a land that they acquired illegitimately from the previous colonists. Spain turned the country over after they lost the war which means that they have no right to negotiate with the Americans regarding the ownership of the Philippines. The wrongdoings of the Japanese were much condensed and was more well-documented compared to that of the Americans. To support this argument, there are definitely more materials including books, videos, articles about the Japanese than the Americans. Both have contributed to our current culture but the atrocities made by both were unevenly documented and mentioned in the textbooks.

The Filipino-American War is also forgotten by our students today. As stated earlier, the Japanese occupation during the World War was documented better thus giving publishers more information to include in their textbooks. Little has been mentioned about the Filipino-American War. I only remember being...
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