Kantian Ethics

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Immanuel Kant Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: February 4, 2013
If we would be viewing Ana’s situation using Kantian ethics, there would be no more arguments to discuss with regards to what would be the morally right thing to do on her situation. Kantian ethics had set it as absolute —whatever consequence that lies ahead, it is Ana’s duty to give birth to her child despite of its expected deficiency. This is because for Kantian ethics, a moral act is not based upon feelings or pity. Nor it is not based on the possibility of reward. Rather, a moral action is one based on a sense of “This is what I ought to do.” (www.theologicalstudies.org) Since Ana is going to become a mother soon, it is her obligation to give birth to her child and to take full responsibility for it. The feelings that had surfaced out when she discovered her child’s abnormality should not govern nor influence her as she decides on her resolve. Kant argued that a dutiful action done from the motives of self-interest, self-preservation, sympathy and happiness — however praiseworthy it may be — does not express a good will and has no genuine “moral worth”. In such cases, the conformity of one’s action to duty is only related by accident to content one's will. The morality of the action expresses one's determination to act dutifully under any circumstances. Only then would the action have moral worth (http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/kant-moral/#toc). Kantian ethics pointed out that the reason for doing something, in order for that action to be considered morally right, should only be duty — no more, no less. If Ana’s decision would be clouded up by her sympathy towards her unborn child and she ended up aborting that child, that act would undoubtedly gain criticisms from those who adhere to Kant’s way of viewing morality. It can be regarded not only as immoral but also selfish. Indeed, it is quite pitiful for the child to be born on such an abnormal state but still, the child has the right to be given a life — despite of the imminent miseries that...
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