Kanban in Software

Topics: Agile software development, Kanban, Software development process Pages: 28 (8626 words) Published: April 12, 2013
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1.1Lean Thinking8
1.2Applying in Software Development9
1.3 Kanban for Software9
1.4 Scope of the study11

2.1 Lean Manufacturing vs. Lean Development11
2.2 Applying Lean in Software Development12
2.3 Kanban13
2.4 Waterfall methodology16

Chapter 3: Methodology19

Chapter 4: ANALYSIS21

Chapter 5:- Findings24

Chapter 6:- Conclusions25

Chapter 7:- References25

List of Figures

Fig 1: Lean Principles in Software
Fig 2: Impact of Kanban in Software Development
Fig 3: kanban Card

Fig 4: Example of implementation of Kanban board

Fig 5: Waterfall methodology

List of Tables

Table 1: Comparison between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Development

Table 2: Comparison between Agile and Lean software engineering practices

Table 3: Nine aspects of project work

Table 4: Empirical evaluation of the Kanban with respect to the research framework



The mission of software project management is to continuously achieve more and more successful projects. In the field of software development, the Kanban method has gained momentum recently, mostly due to its linkages to Lean Thinking. However, only a few empirical studies investigate the dynamics and impacts of Kanban on project success. The aim of this study is to improve the understanding on how Kanban impacts on software project work. For the purpose of the study, a framework is developed and empirically investigated in an experimental software R&D setting called Software Factory. The impact of Kanban is evaluated from nine theoretically derived perspectives. The qualitative findings indicate considerable positive support for the application of Kanban in the case setting. This bears direct managerial implications, which are addressed. The key implications of the findings suggest that Kanban and its inherent simplicity increase project visibility and thereby improve the ability to steer the project better.

Keywords: Lean manufacturing. Software development, Kanban, Water fall model.


The principles of Lean Thinking are grounded in the ways of how to add value for the customer .Such an increase in value comes from the features and quality of products to the ability to deliver and adapt quickly to changes. In brief, every non-value-adding activity (NVA), variations (in process quality, cost, delivery), and unreasonableness (overburden) should be eliminated. In common, these things are considered waste.The Lean philosophy requires continuous growth and commitment from personnel as well as management. While the Lean philosophy has turned out to be a success in manufacturing, it has recently been applied to the area of software engineering, as well. The basis of the repeatable manufacturing process differs from the idea of traditional software projects. Despite this difference, the Lean philosophy can be applied, among other areas, to software development project. So, Lean Software Development principles can be defined as follows: ➢ waste elimination

➢ amplify learning
➢ decide as late as possible
➢ deliver as fast as possible
➢ empower the team
➢ build integrity in
➢ See the whole.

Fig 1: Lean Principles in Software

In software development the creativeness and innovativeness of the workers should be utilized. In a wider context, the production should be conceptualized as a flow. The Kanban method is often presumed to make this attainable. Following the Lean Manufacturing practices, the outcomes of applying Kanban are expected to be high in software development, as they have been in manufacturing. If it is really so, the use of Kanban would benefit software engineering management as well. This...
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