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  • Published : July 27, 2010
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One of the initial steps in researching a problem is to know exactly what the problem is and compose a problem statement that unambiguously identifies and defines the problem to research. Sekaran (2003) said, “No amount of good research can find solutions to the situation, if the critical issue or the problem to be studied is not clearly pinpointed” (p. 69). The area of research for this paper focuses on software development, in particular, the study of agile software development methodologies and if these methodologies are successful in delivering software on time, within budget, and includes the requested features. Researching a problem requires data to analyze, test hypotheses, and answer questions but the data and the source for the data must be appropriate for the research. Sekaran (2003) states, “The source of the information and the manner in which data are collected could well make a big difference to the rigor and effectiveness of the research project” (p. 219). Data is gathered from numerous sources, including individuals, groups, panels of respondents, the Internet, company records, government publications, and the media. Gathering this data is accomplished through a number of collection methods, including interviews, questionnaires, and observations. The research gathering method for this paper is based on a survey questionnaire that will be mailed to software development organizations. The survey questionnaire captures three categories of data essential to the research, (1) the general demographics of software development organizations, including the size of the organization, the size of the development team, and experience level of the development team, (2) information related to the most recent project, including the project budget, the duration of the project, and the success of the project, (3) the methodology used on the most recent project and the development team’s feeling concerning the agile development methodology. These three data...
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