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1: Analyze the customer value chain of marketing GCMMF Amul India using holistic marketing? Holistic Marketing Orientation and Customer Value provide approaching process for customer capturing value one beginning of holistic marketing views it as incorporate the • Value exploration:

• Value creation:
• Value delivery:
And this used for the long term mutually satisfying relationship. The chain of holistic marketing framework, shows how the interaction between relevant actors Customer focus: customer bonding towards amul milk and other products is very strong because amul company always focus on their customers and increase value in their brands value based activities Value exploration, Value creation and Value delivery which are used for creating and maintaining customer value.

Company & (core competencies): Every cooperative needs to strengthen its core competencies because unlike in the private corporate and the public sectors, they cannot be outsourced without risks. The 'Amul Pattern' of cooperatives has been a model that has stood the test of time and adversities with flying colors. Developed over more than a half century the Amul approach has been successfully replicated in other states over the last quarter of a century.  Company also face competition from two sides; one from the milk procurement side and the other from marketing and distribution. Because of our business strategy which is to give the highest price to the farmer and also value for money to the customer we are able to counter competition to a great extent. 

Collaborators (collaborative network): Amul Company has integrated technology at all stages of distribution by implementing software solutions across the entire value chain on a robust and reliable communication backbone. These include software focused on automating rural operations to enterprise-wide SAP implementations. We are also improving our distribution reach through robust GIS-based analytics. 

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