Kaizen in Fashion Industry

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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-Different isn’t always better…but better is always different

Kaizen plays an important role in any business industry. Be it any business the customer pays only for the value adding process. Therefore any other processing step which does not add value to the final product is an additional cost and must be eliminated. You may be following the latest trend in the fashion industry in showing off in your clothing, but did you realize how much of unused material were wasted? The latest innovative concept popularly known as Zero Waste Fashion is aimed in reducing Muda by constructing garments without wasting fabric. In other words it challenges the designers to create garments with minimum wastage of fabrics. Be it pattern cutting or unused edges, the clothing industry is responsible for creating a lot of waste (Muda). A normal life cycle of making a garment includes the following:-

• Conceptualization of the design concept done by the designer

• Pattern maker cuts it

• The pattern is tweaked and re-cut

• Maker replicates the pattern

• Manufacturer makes it in bulk

The Muda can be attributed to different chunks designed to make a complete garment which results in around 60% fabric loss. Therefore the need of the hour has made the fashion industry to make use of new techniques which helps to draft out designs from the fabric using puzzle solving technique where in different parts of a garment are cut out by re arranging the patterns using trial and error method. Another such technique is DPOL which helps in making ready to stitch, shaped, woven garment components. DPOL reduces the fabric loss by 15%-20%. Lead time reduction by 50%. Also, DPOL supports sustainability by reducing chemical and other waste by 17%-20%.Thus imparting eco-friendly...
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