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Sources of innovation:
* Flashes of insights
* taking ideas forward, revising & refining them

Re-combinant Innovation is an evolutionary view of technological change (combine technology to create smt like laptop, fiber optics etc)

* Technology push: possibilities which emerge as a result of scientific research e.g. nylon, radar, antibiotics, microwave... * Demand pull: real or perceived need for change, new-to-world but mostly elaboration and differentiation, understanding buyer behaviour to identify & understand user’s needs. Important at mature stages in industry or product life cycles. Difference between B2B and consumer markets

Implement radical innovation:
* Lead users: Face needs (months or years before the others) that will be general in a marketplace. 4 steps: 1. Identify major trends
2. Learn the needs
3. Generating solutions with lead users
4. Improving solutions via lead user workshops
In practice: Identify market needs; formulate solutions and use of workshops

* Quantity function deployment: method for developing a design quality aiming at satisfying the consumer and then translating the consumer's demand into design targets and major quality assurance points to be used throughout the production phase. QFD is a way to assure the design quality while the product is still in the design stage Mass customisation: offers highly configured bundles of non-price factors to suit different market segments Types of mass customization:

* Distribution customization: packaging, delivery (send flowers) * Assembly customization: options (buy a computer and choose the components) * Fabrication customization: predefined designs (when buyer designs and chooses the product, then the manufacturing starts) * Design customization: product doesn’t exist, customer designs it from draft

Tools to enable search:
* Sending out scouts
* Exploring multiple futures (using future techniques)
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