Juwan Howard Case Study

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  • Published : October 8, 2010
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Juwan Howard Case Study

Chad Holliday

August 30, 2010


Adam Morris

Juwan Howard Case Study

This case discusses a decision to be made between two professional National Basketball Association (NBA) teams. The two teams are the Washington Bullets and the Miami Heat, who is negotiating over a player, Juwan Howard, who has become a free agent and available to make a team move if so desired. The two teams have to work out a deal and do what is morally right and in the best interest of each team to obtain this player, and also make sure Howard is in a place where he is happy and will play with his top attributes. On the other hand, Juwan Howard has to make his own choice and decide what is best for him.


The benefits for the Bullets of acquiring Howard would be receiving a player this is a key asset and who can also help continue with the rebuilding of a team who has not won a championship in several years. This team is in need of star players who will be assets to them with talent, and help the team win games. However, the Bullets also have a salary cap for the team to stay below. Washington cannot just put all of their money into one player trying to build the team. The Bullets have money to acquire other players and continue to pay the players that the team already has. The benefits of Miami getting Howard would be that this is a team who has a talented coach known for success over the years. The Miami Heat is also a team with existing talent and acquiring Howard would just make them a stronger team to contend with through the season and even a larger threat if the Heat were to get into the playoffs.

Tangible and Intangible Benefits

The tangible benefits to Juwan Howard would be preferential treatment that he was asking for such as the limousine service picking him up by and also the luxury suites that Juwan was requiring when the team traveled to other cities. The one intangible asset for Howard would be staying in...
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