Juvenile Smoking and Marijuana Use

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Juvenile Smoking leading to use Marijuana (Research Methods for Criminal Justice)




Research has found that teenagers who used cigarettes were twelve times more likely to graduate to marijuana use. A similar study conducted by Denise Kandel (1992) revealed that use of marijuana affects dopamine levels in the brain in a similar way to nicotine. Cigarette smoking facilitates consumption of other substances. Smoking cigarettes initiate juveniles into the sensation of drug inhalation, which desensitizes them from the feeling of smoke clouding their lungs. This paper finds that marijuana pervades the life of a juvenile tobacco smoker. Teenagers who smoke cigarettes are six times more likely to try buying marijuana in one hour, and eighteen times more likely to report marijuana use among their friends. Among repeat juvenile marijuana smokers, sixty percent first attempted cigarettes. The papers findings indicate that a reduction in juvenile cigarette smoking can be effective in reducing the use of marijuana among teenagers.

Juvenile Smoking Leading to Use Marijuana


The National Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse study set out to examine the association between juvenile use of cigarettes and marijuana use. Their findings included;

• Teenagers who use cigarettes are fourteen times more likely to use marijuana.

• Among teens using marijuana, those who do not use cigarettes have tried marijuana once.

• Teenagers who have used marijuana and are current tobacco users are sixty percent more likely to be repeat smokers of marijuana.

• Juveniles, who smoke cigarettes, are 6 times more likely than those who have never used cigarettes to report ability to acquire marijuana in less than an hour.

• 60% of repeat juvenile marijuana smokers tried smoking cigarettes first.

There exists a need for information on when smoking becomes a temptation to the generation of juveniles and young teens. Juveniles suffer from antisocial disorders, which make them turn to marijuana for comfort. As the delinquents become more resistant to the mild intoxicating effects of nicotine, they upgrade to marijuana smoking in order to get high (Hanson et al, 2012). The dependent value here is that the smoking of cigarettes leads to marijuana inhalation; the independent value being the smokers. Marijuana smoking has adverse health effects, with incidents of marijuana smoking in juvenile institutions on the increase (Doweiko, 2012). The government is doing all attempts to reduce the smoking of marijuana amongst teens and among the youth.

Literature Review

Surveys carried out in Florida showed that an increased number of juvenile kids, who have a history of tobacco use, end up becoming marijuana smokers later in life. The reason behind this is that the juvenile kids require a lot of attention, which cannot be offered in these institutions due to limited funds and resources (Kandel, 2012). Crowding in juvenile centers in Florida allows for much to go unnoticed by the administration in place at the involved institutions.

A juvenile who currently smokes cigarettes is fourteen times more likely to smoke marijuana than juveniles who have never experimented with cigarettes (Maxfield & Babbie, 2010). Juveniles who currently smoke cigarettes are twice as likely to use marijuana as those who have attempted cigarettes but are not current smokers. Of teens that have attempted marijuana at least once, twenty percent are current tobacco smokers, with forty three percent smoke cigarettes currently. Among juveniles who have tried marijuana, fifty seven percent first smoked cigarettes twenty nine percent have never used tobacco, and thirteen percent smoked tobacco at approximately the first time that they attempted marijuana (Maxfield & Babbie, 2010).

The survey also showed that, in the remaining 40% of...
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