Juvenile Problems

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Juvenile Problems
Paula Barton
Texas A&M Commerce

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Abstract 3

Chapter 1: Introduction 4

Chapter 2: Issues Involved with Juvenile 5
The Media5
Death Penalty8

Chapter 3: Juvenile Crime
Gangs 9
Latin Kings10
Mexican Mafia10
Aryan Brotherhood11
Female Gangbanging14
Gang Tags14

Chapter 4: Assessments15
Risk Factors16
Chapter 5: Summary 17

References 19

Problems facing the current juvenile justice system on the surface seem to be reducing. Reports and statistics report that crimes committed by juvenile offenders are on the decline, yet, we are losing more and more of our student and youth of the community to juvenile adult facilities for confinement. The focus on reform and rehabilitation for these at risk youth has taken a back seat to throwing the book at these kids and locking them up. This article address issues associated with behavior problems of modern day youth in an attempt to understand the trouble youth of generation x, y, & z. Offering clarity on the reasons why these youth commit crimes is a step toward prevention and reversing the age old theory of “Out of sight, out of mind.”

One of the major problems facing juvenile justice is the fact that the chief policy maker and major law enforcement executives have no clue as to what it is like to be a young poor youth in today’s society. The upper branches of authority for law maker are generally straight laced, middle to upper class, middle aged older people or fresh out of college yuppies who has never committed a crime, not even gotten a driving ticket, of had to miss a meal. These people whom are qualified for directing and setting rules of for troubled and at risk kids based upon information they read in books or show on television. The criteria for government official jobs are design to keep the people who otherwise would have an understanding of the lives and hardships of these youth out for basically fresh faced clean recorded individuals whom are uninvolved and disassociated by these youth who have had to lead different types of lives just to survive. After they learn how to say hello and good-bye in Spanish from their maid they feel as if they have a grasp on the Hispanic culture and a connection with a young gangbanger, who has to kill his cousin because his mother-sister-son’s snitched. They watch Oz on television to get a sense of what it is like inside, before they go to work or be incarcerated in TDC and want to make a difference. Or the 20 year old counselors, fresh out of college, attempts to re-direct a drug addicted kid who was given a cocktail of legal high powered meds from the age of 5 to control his hyperactivity his supposedly anger and aggressive behaviors.

Disproportion Issues
Racial inequality is an ongoing problem facing the criminal justice system within the U.S. is an ongoing efforts by state and federal government to address the problems of disproportion of African Americans and Hispanics confinements within the juvenile justice system. The fact that more minorities were over-represented within the juvenile justice system was brought to light toward the end of the Reagan administration in 1988 The Coalition for Juvenile Justice, formerly, (The National Coalition of State Juvenile Justice Advisory Groups) brought the issues of minority disproportion before Congress, which in turn, made mandatory that all states that received formula grant funds for all States juveniles address the problems associated with the concerns. Congress implemented the Delinquency Prevention Act of 2002 to address the problems of minority over-representation at all points in the juvenile justice system by issuing base requirements...
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