Juvenile Court Process

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  • Published : September 7, 2012
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Juvenile Court Process
Elisha Lambert
Reginald Anthony

Before juvenile courts existed, children’s parent would determine their punishment. The odds of a child going through the court system were slim. Today when law enforcement arrests a juvenile the officer decides were the juvenile will go based the crime. Juvenile court has partial jurisdiction which means that they can only hear certain cases (Meyer & Grant, 2003). Normally the jurisdictions are outlined by age and what kind of crime has been committed by the juvenile (Meyer & Grant, 2003). Age limits vary by state to determine which juveniles are eligible to go through the court system. Depending on the crime committed a child can trailed as an adult. As an example a juvenile can be trailed as an adult if the juvenile commits murder. The juvenile court system basically handles cases that involve children with offences that aren’t appropriate for adult courts like truancy and runaways. It even handles cases involving child delinquency, adoption, and many more. When approached with juvenile case the court makes a decision if the case should be heard formally or informally or even dismissed. They make decision if the evidence is substantial enough to go to trial. If there is not enough evidence the case is dismissed. If there is enough evidence the case is either heard informally or formally. The juvenile could be held in the juvenile detention center while the court makes its decisions. I feel that the juvenile process should and shouldn’t differ from the process. I feel that juveniles shouldn’t be trialed as an adult because juveniles are still young when they commit the crimes and didn’t mature yet. I do feel depending on the type of crime a juvenile should be trialed as an adult if they commit murder or other extreme crimes. In conclusion I think the type of crime committed should determine how a juvenile is trialed....
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